Heading South

After travelling around Europe and living in different places like Bali and Ibiza we fell in love with this magical spot. We sold our house in Amsterdam and moved to a beautiful little village, Benissa. A start of a new life, a slower life. Together with my husband Mitch, our son Lewis and 2 dogs George and Jake. 

‘For years, I had a DREAM of living in a place where the SUN SHINES, with BREATHTAKING VIEWS of mountains and valleys, surrounded by olive and palm trees, and close to the sea…

Somewhere South.

Astrid Elisee

Something about my background…After finishing my degree in fashion design and having different jobs as designer, I started my own fashion label, Astrid Elisee. A sustainable silk collection of timeless high quality pieces. After 10 years of hard work, my collection was available in high end boutique stores in 6 countries, I was having runway shows at the Amsterdam Fashion week and my pieces were seen in glossy magazines. But the high pressure and fast fashion world didn’t make me happy so I made the decision to stop with my label. It turned out to be the best decision, it allowed me to follow my dream, something what I love to do most, creating beautiful spaces that inspire.